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Welcome to Firefighter Anthems

Welcome to Firefighter Anthems, where you can enjoy the sounds created by a few guys with an extreme passion for the Fire Department. We also create videos and provide lyrics for each track, so whether you're at the Fire Academy and need a few cadences, or you're a fan of Firefighter music and just want some cool Firefighter songs to jam to, this is the spot for you. Join our mailing list and be instantly notified of new material and win a chance at a FREE SONG! We will be releasing new material each month, from Rock and Hard Rock to Hip Hop and R&B, so stay tuned for new Firefighter songs and videos to come out constantly!



WOW! Another great song Brother - I love it. You really have the gift of music and the passion for the Fire Department. Please keep me in he loop with your music - I love it!!  Sure would be great to present another one of your great songs at the 2010 GTMO Firefighter's Ball.

Stay Safe,
Ben Miller, Former Asst. Fire Chief
USNB, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba



You worked with one of my retired Asst. Fire Chief's, Ben Miller on a video for the 2009 Guantanamo Bay Firefighters Ball. The video we played at the ball in GTMO met a standing ovation and I'm sure that it would get the same reception from a room full of 500 senior fire service leaders at the 2010 International Fire Chief's conference in Chicago. I have forwarded your video to our leadership (Department of Defense) in Washington DC and it's getting a good reception…

Thanks Carlos & keep the faith.

Eric E. Tucker, Fire Chief
USNB, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba


You guys are amazing artists and I hope to continue to hear amazing songs like these all the time they real hit home and make a guy feel proud of what he does. Really hits home, Thanks again!

Kevin beahn

Dan Norman

Wendell mcclouc

This is the greatest and most professional tribute song I have found on the internet. Stay safe.

Atwell Vol. Fire Dept. China Grove, NC

Great work. Great songs. Great videos and anthems. You have an amazing gift. I wish I would have found your music before the passing of our Chief of 20 years… he would have been very interested and proud of the work you have done. God bless.

-Andrew Steeves #71 Windsor Volunteer Fire Deparrtment, Windsor Nova Scotia, Canada

Your music is badass. You are telling the story of all our brothers, everywhere, in a hip new way to get the youth involved with our great love.



Greatest tribute video EVER! Kick ass song.
May all your fires be big and put out quickly.
North Warren V.F.D. Station 55



Thank you…

Fairfield T.W.P. Fire Dept.


Amazing music video… May those who served on 9-11 RIP
S. Kneser
Ladd. Co. 5
Eng. Co. 126
Rescue Co. 526 & 126


Thank you for the awesome video and song
Rescue Co. 238
Fire Explore


Awesome video
Greetings from Croatia Fire Rescue


Thank you!
Dan Schulz North Fayette VFD


Whitehall Fire Department Station 40 Cementon PA